Editorial: An Introduction and an Opportunity

Jun 28, 2018, 14:44 PM by Kristopher Schroeder, MD

An Introduction and an Opportunity

Over the years, I have realized that ASRA is an organization committed to fostering involvement and opportunity for all members. ASRA has developed this spirit of inclusivity by serving as a voice for practicing anesthesiologists to demonstrate their skill and expertise. Anesthesiologists from a variety of practice models (eg, academics, private practice, international, residents) have the opportunity to share their unique perspectives and valuable experience. As I begin my term as editor, my goal is for the ASRA News to continue to be a conduit for ASRA membership involvement. To that end, I need your help! Please approach me in person at ASRA or other national meetings, via e-mail at, or on Twitter at @KristopherSchr6 with ideas regarding potential article topics and authors. ASRA members, this is your opportunity to guide content, and I welcome your involvement.

“My goal is for the ASRA News to continue to be a conduit for ASRA  membership involvement.”

In this issue, ASRA members demonstrate the impact that they and you can have on issues such as climate change, global health resources, and gender equality. At Kristopher Schroeder, MD the same time, this issue deals with ASRA News Editor issues of connectivity and highlights the articles judged by fellowship directors as the most impactful in the field of regional anesthesia and acute pain management in 2017. I really hope that you enjoy this edition of the ASRA News, and I look forward to working with you in the upcoming years.

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