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RAPM Recognizes Its Top Reviewers

May 6, 2020, 00:00 AM by ASRA

Dr. Ki Jinn Chin tops the list with most reviews in 2019

Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine
 (RAPM) Editor-in-Chief Brian Sites, MD, has identified the top 10 journal peer reviewers of 2019 based on the volume, timeliness, and insight of their reviews. RAPM receives nearly 1,000 annual submissions and depends on volunteer reviewers and content experts to maintain its high quality and success. The top reviewers were determined based on objective criteria including number of reviews, turnaround time, and peer feedback. As a result of these criteria, several ties have occurred, resulting in a total list of 40 individuals placing in the top 10.

“The peer review process is truly the vanguard of translational science.” — Brian Sites, MD

Dr. Ki Jinn Chin

Alone in the number one position is Ki Jinn Chin, MB, BS, FANZCA, FRCPC, fellowship coordinator and regional anesthesia program director at the Toronto Western Hospital and associate professor in the Department of Anesthesia at the University of Toronto, Canada. He reviewed more articles than any other peer reviewer for the journal last year.

"Our ability to be successful is entirely dependent on volunteer reviewers and content experts," Dr. Sites said. "The peer review process is truly the vanguard of translational science." Dr. Sites added that the individuals' organizations are to be thanked as well for helping to create an academic environment that promotes the quest for scientific excellence.

Here are the top reviewers for 2019:

Chin, Ki Jinn

Finlayson, Roderick

Memtsoudis, Stavros

Sideris, Alexandra

Johnson, Rebecca

Provenzano, David

Barrington, Michael

Liu, Jiabin

Albrecht, Eric

Orebaugh, Steven

Aliste, Julián

Ilfeld, Brian

Narouze, Samer

Soffin, Ellen

Leffert, Lisa

McCartney, Colin

Perlas, Anahi

Kroin, Jeffrey

Anitescu, Magdalena

Butterworth, John

Haskins, Stephen

Brummett, Chad

Kopp, Sandra

Nicol, Andrea

Jacob, Adam

Rosenquist, Richard

Tran, De

Børglum, Jens

Elkassabany, Nabil

Votta-Velis, Effrossyni

Antonakakis, John

Chan, Vincent

YaDeau, Jacques

Bendtsen, Thomas 

Gofeld, Michael

Mariano, Edward

Weller, Robert

Schwenk, Eric

Shankar, Hariharan

Bravo, Daniela

Thank you to all of the RAPM peer reviewers. Your hard work and support make RAPM a success!

Want to become a reviewer for RAPM?  Visit our journal page.

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