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Tips for Writing Blog Entries

Aug 26, 2016, 00:00 AM by ASRA

ASRA members are invited to submit blog entries for consideration for publication. Blog entries reflect the opinion of the author, not ASRA. The ASRA Communications Committee may edit a blog entry for length and clarity. Blog entries will always include the name, credentials, position, organization, city, and state of the author; anonymous blog entries will not be considered. 

There are no restrictions on the length of a blog entry; however, brief and to the point is always preferred. The ideal entry is 500-750 words. The style should be conversational, and opinions are encouraged. Try to keep your post to one concept. If you need to make several points, consider breaking the post into multiple entries.

Here are some useful resources about blogging:

Blog posts will include a photo (headshot) of the author. If a post has more than one author, the first author's photo will appear on the main blog list. 

Submit your posts via email at

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