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Pain Education Question Bank

Dec 13, 2023, 16:39 PM by Resident and Medical Student Pain Education SIG


Test your knowledge with a short quiz (downloadable PDF files). Future quizzes will be released in 2024.

Quiz 1

Answers are available here (members only; requires login).


Question bank leadership team:

  • Ratan Banik, MD 
  • Andrew Mendelson, DO
  • Muhammad A. Farooq Anwar, MBBS, MBA

Question bank editors:

  • Daniel Abraham, MD
  • Emily Garmon, MD
  • David Rosenblum, MD
  • Bhuvana Sandeep Ram, MBBS
  • Kevin Tzan, MD

Question bank writers:

Ana Schwartzmann, MD 
Rosalynn Conic, MD
Jameson Dowell, MD
Melinda Lawrence, MD
Xiaoying Zhu, MD
Andrew Mendelson, MD
Sona Bhullar, MD

Yuri Bychkov, MD
James H. Lee, MSc
Prentiss Lawson, MD

Renato Maritn, Jr., MD
Steve Char, MD
Monis Syed, MD
Mamta Chura, MD

Christina Le-Short, MD
Jasmine Lin, MD
J. Drake Wakefield, DO
Sterling Anderson, DO
Michael Oh, DO 
Chad Parvus-Teichmann, MD

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