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Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine Journal Responds to Criticism with New Editorial

Jul 19, 2023, 17:54 PM by ASRA Pain Medicine
Dr. Brian Sites

Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Brian Sites

In light of recent feedback surrounding Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine, Editor-in-Chief Brian Sites, MD, takes this important opportunity to discuss the difference between advocacy and science in his most recent editorial, “Pursuing the truth".

"Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine supports all those who are brave enough to share their research in a public forum regardless of whether or not it fits the story you or others had hoped for... We follow the science wherever it may take us, even if the results are not popular… Such reporting could be considered ‘bad news’ by some regional anesthesia enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, but for the front-line clinician and patient, the information is ethically and strategically necessary to fully inform decision making. Science is not advocacy or entrepreneurship.”

Research should be challenged, and negativity to challenging research may be the result of financially- or emotionally-charged bias. The journal and its editorial board will continue to search for the truth without fear or favor and will protect the scientific process. Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine remains a Top 10 journal in anesthesiology. For more information about the journal, please visit its website.

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